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Effective Humic Solutions

Organic acids solutions to materials-based problems.

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Horizon Technology Company (HTC) is a leading provider of innovative products utilizing humic acid-based formulations applied to the energy, environmental, industrial, and technology markets. Focusing on naturally derived and environmentally sustainable materials, HTC is committed to delivering high quality, consistent, and effective products that solve problems for our customers.
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Our Materials

Humic materials

Humic materials are compounds that make up a large part of the organic matter in environmental systems. As such, they are ubiquitous in nature and are readily extracted from geological sources. Humic materials are classified into three main categories: humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin. These classifications depend on their respective pH-dependent solubility, molecular weight, oxygen content, and carbon content. Humic substances are amphiphilic supramolecular polyelectrolytes that contain a large number of functional groups. Due to this complex nature, humic materials have a wide range of useful properties including redox buffering, metal ion binding, micellular-like formation and pH buffering.

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Energy, Environmental, Industrial, & Technology Markets

Our materials have a broad range of applications ranging from environmental remediation to industrial manufacturing additives. Humic and fulvic acid present a unique set of physical and chemical properties that allow for broad-range applications as well as specialized uses when materials modifications are made. Our team understands the inherent variability of the raw materials, the circumstances in which these materials may benefit our customers, and we have the technical expertise to yield the ideal product outcome.

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More coming soon! Please contact Noel Dawson to discuss current product and technology offerings.

Noel Dawson, Director of Product Innovation